Visible Gas Pump Replacement Cylinders

With Petro Nuts, there is a solution to finding a new, hard to find visible cylinder, that will give your pump the look that only a real glass cylinder can offer.

We are able to offer real glass solutions for the G&B 67 cylinders--both the 5 gallon & the 10 gallon.

Tinting the cylinders is another option Petro Nuts offers!  Most of the colors were matched---as close as possible---to a broken piece of glass sent to us by a customer....

...In addition to the shades of blue, Petro Nuts can offer a variety of tints--from the purples (Milwaukee), ambers (Victory), to subtle rose (Fry).

We are  also able to customize with a variety of colors, mirroring finishes, & emblem etching. glass etching

G & B 67 10 Gallon

G & B 67 10 Gallon

10" Diameter Replacement Cylinders

10 x 17


NEW, Premium Glass 

OD=250mm Wall 5mm 

9.84"   OD     

Tint & Etching additional     

10 x 19


10 x 20


10 x 17.25


10 x 34.5 or 37 "Tall Ten"


Tall Ten, Tinted to match Original Fry Rose