Visible Gas Pump Replacement Cylinders

With Petro Nuts, there is a solution to finding a new, hard to find visible cylinder, that will give your pump the look that only a real glass cylinder can offer.

We are able to offer real, Premium  Glass solutions for Gas Pump Enthusists.

Our glass is New, Premium, German  Glass. 

Tinting the cylinders is another option Petro Nuts offers!  Most of the colors were matched---as close as possible---to a broken piece of glass sent to us by a customer....

...In addition to the shades of blue, Petro Nuts can offer a variety of tints--from the purples (Milwaukee), ambers (Victory), to subtle rose (Fry).

We are  also able to customize with a variety of colors, mirroring finishes, & emblem etching. 

G & B 67 10 Gallon

G & B 67 10 Gallon

10" Diameter Replacement Cylinders

10 x 17


NEW, Premium Glass 

OD=250mm Wall 5mm 

9.84"   OD     

Tint & Etching additional     

10 x 19


10 x 20


10 x 17.25


10 x 34.5 or 37 "Tall Ten"


Tall Ten, Tinted to match Original Fry Rose