Petroliana enthusiasts are able to enjoy the vintage look for their pumps with our reproduction items!

Replacement Gas Pump cylinders, clear & tinted Glass, custom cylinder etching, gas  pump id tags ~ Clear Glass Cylinders 

~ Tinted Glass Cylinders ~ Blue(s) 

~ Purple(s) ~ Amber ~ Rose

~ Etching Available 

~ Custom Cylinder Replications 

~ Crowns ~ Shell Clam Globes

~ Globe Bodies ~ Steel

~ 13.5" DIA  ~ 15" DIA

~ Faces ~ Tags ~ Pricer Insets  ~Custom Tags

~ Custom Apparel 

A Little About Us.............

..........Been collecting and restoring Petroliana for years, but like every

other restoration enthusiast, there were always parts that couldn’t be found.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”


SO TRUE....Because it was frustration born out of necessity that helped

create Petro Nuts.

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